About us

We approach the engineering systems design of education facilities as an opportunity to reinforce the physical connectivity between the school and the community through integrative engineering.  Each project is a chance to positively impact the campus and neighborhood beyond the building itself.  We do this by engaging a community of people-educators, administrators and students in an interactive dialogue to create healthy and stimulating environments that enhance learning while balancing innovation, budget, carbon footprint and the program's educational mission.

University of Central Missouri Warrensburg, MO   

  UCM worked with CCI (Clinton Climate Initiative) and ACUPCC (American College and University President’s Climate Commitment) to organize and execute a $36.1 million energy management project.

Our involvement was included but not limited to:

-Owner representative to evaluate and recommend a qualified Energy Service Company (ESCO) to provide Energy Performance Contract (EPC) Services

-Development of a RFP for the Green Campus Initiative Program

-Helped develop a comprehensive program addressing campus-wide deferred maintenance (the IGA involved energy audit and survey of approximately 29 historic academic buildings on campus totaling over 1 million gross square feet)

-Presentations to support the program were made to the President and his counsel and the board of trustees, faculty board, student body, along with public town hall meetings to create campus outreach, education, and awareness

-Serving as the independent commissioning authority to validate the program

-Engineering review of documents for ECMs being implemented; review of shop drawings -Conducting measurement and verification of ECMs for calibrated modeling

-Weekly meeting and reporting on technical coordination between Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) with ESCO program

 -Coordinate issuance of ASI, PR, engineering design documents related to ESCO project for accreditation

 -Review of ESCO pay applications

 Our design services included preparation of contract documents for coordination with scope definition and electrical one-line power riser diagram with design-build ESCO contractor as UCM's consultant to convert 4160-volt central plant power distribution system to individual utility service for classroom and administrative buildings on campus and to upgrade and modernize electrical service and service entrance equipment.   

 S & S also provided design services and scope definition of HVAC improvements for painting and metal working studios in the Art Center and computer rooms in Grinstead academic buildings to maintain accreditation.  The HVAC improvements especially address requirements for ventilation, pressure relationship, safety, and reliability issues.  In addition, mechanical and electrical engineering design for HVAC system improvements for this 4-story 52,000 sqft. student dormitory building chiller plant was provided.

Metropolitan Community College
Kansas City, MO3
Year On-Call Contract

ATS Switch Gear Report

Penn Valley Campus Penn Valley Community College (PVCC) is currently provided with primary electrical power service by Kansas City Power & Light Company (KCP&L) from two independent 13.2 kV circuits.  If one of the two circuits is interrupted, a manual tie switch in the PVCC service entrance switchgear can be closed in order that the alternate circuit can feed the entire campus until the interrupted circuit can be restored. The manual transfer of power is currently performed by KCP&L personnel.  The time to accomplish this transfer historically has taken up to eight hours as reported by MCC staff.  This time delay poses operational problems for the college campus. The purpose of this project was to make engineering analysis and report to provide recommendations to expedite the restoration of power to the entire campus after an interruption of primary service. A consultant’s opinion of probable construction cost for the recommendations were also developed for budgeting purposes.

Machine Tool Lab Electrical Improvements
Business and Technology

The Business & Technology Center (BTC) campus of the Metropolitan Community College involved facilities in the building including a Machine Tool Lab, originally designed in 2001.  BTC would like to expand the lab in order to ultimately increase the simultaneous teaching capability in the machine room lab and also to provide an increased number of machine tools utilizing current CNC technology instead of older lathes, milling, drilling machines etc. The purpose of this engineering analysis and report was to provide recommendations to increase the electrical system capacity in the space for increased student load to accommodate additional classes and to increase electrical provisions for additional machine tools.  A consultant’s opinion of probable construction cost for the recommendations were also developed for budgeting and grants writing purposes.

District HVAC Master Planning
Kansas City Campuses

The project involved survey and evaluation of campus sites such as Penn Valley, Business & Technology, Longview, Maple Woods, Blue River, Admin Center, Broadway Plaza, HIS  including review of Automated Logic data online; review and analyses of natural gas and electric utility bills district-wide; campus energy performance benchmarking among the campuses and against national average using CBECS data; meetings with individual campus Facility Superintendents and staff members; on-site HVAC system observations; studying the existing facilities MEP drawings, controls sequences, etc. for references; development of deferred maintenance strategies with proposed priorities both on individual and district-wide basis; and preparation of cost estimates for deferred maintenance improvements.

Kansas City Kansas Community
Kansas City, Kansas

-Responsible for running Navisworks to check the subcontractor 3D BIM model

-Building the mechanical/plumbing 3D BIM models

 -Submit to general contractor/construction manager for their coordination

-Run clash report and update model based on report -As-built 3D BIM model for final coordination with the field changes

-Pull 2D coordination drawings and annotate all details dimensions, penetration drawings, etc. From our clash free 3D model for construction

State Fair Community College
Sedalia, Missouri

-Reviewed the Trane TRACE 700 Energy Model (.taf files) of the existing facilities.

-Reviewed available existing facilities drawings and documents.

-Reviewed Trane equipment submittals.

-Prepared AutoCAD design drawings as required for selected ECM’s.

-Prepared contract specifications on drawings.

-Engaged the services of a structural engineer to analyze and perform design modifications to roof structures as required for new HVAC equipment.

-Meetings with Trane to review progress as required.

-Prepared As-Built drawings for MEP systems we designed upon project completion.

-Processed contractors’ shop drawings.

-Reviewed the TAB reports.

-Substantial completion site visits to assist in developing punch lists

-Conducted site walk-throughs and conducted final field observations of construction with written report upon completion of project.

-Attended coordination meetings with your staff during construction administration services phase, if required.

Vatterott College
Kansas City, Missouri

-65,000 sqft. building and parking lots; slab-on-grade, tilt-up precast concrete exterior walls, flat roof

-Project includes classrooms, administrative offices, cosmetology trade lab (open to public clients), automotive/diesel trade lab (open to public clients), welding trade lab, HVAC/refrigeration trade lab, wind energy trade lab, electrical trade lab, computer labs, data network room

-Our design includes multiple packaged HVAC rooftop units, energy recovery ventilators, industrial ventilation in trade labs, digital controls systems, plumbing fixtures and piping systems, fire alarm and fire protection systems, new utility services to the building, and electrical systems for illumination, power, data/voice, and lab equipment.

We understand that medical facilities must be flexible and adaptable to respond to the changing healthcare environment.  Our visionary team of dedicated healthcare engineers work with clients to define their goals, strengthen their mission, and create patient-focused environments that meet the unique challenges of healthcare design.  Our collaborative process incorporates input from administrators, physicians, and staff to create patient-centered environments that promote healing, reduce stress, and help staff work more efficiently.

Children’s Mercy Hospital
Kansas City, MO

Surgery Department Remodel
-22,000 square feet Complete Remodel-3 New Surgery Rooms
-1 Cardio Recovery Room
-20 Bed Recovery Area
-New Plumbing and Med Gas Systems
-M/E Construction Costs: $2 million

Catheterization Laboratory Remodel
-7,000 Square Feet
-New 22,000 cfm AHU
-Pneumatic Controllers
-Plumbing Fixtures and Med Gas System
-M/E Construction Costs:  $750,000

Sutherland Tower Addition
-110,000 Square Feet 5 Story Tower Addition
-New plumbing and medical gas systems including Medical Air Compressors and Vacuum Pumps
-M/E Construction Costs:  $1million

Main Lab

-20,000 Square Foot Renovation of Bacteriology, Virology, Hematology, Toxicology, Cytogenetic, Bio-Chem Genetics, Chemistry, Immunology
-Central Processing Areas Requiring Special Space Pressurization, Ventilation, Filtration, Humidity and Temperature Controls Along With New Plumbing and Medical Gas Systems.
-M/E Construction Costs: $2,500,000 

 Emergency Department Remodel
-Installation of New Custom 26,000 cfm Dual Air Handling Unit with Dual Filtration
-New Plumbing  and Medical Gas Systems
-Installation of DDC System for the New Unit ad Critical Areas
-New Exhaust Distribution and New Lighting and Receptacles
-New Power Distribution (Normal and Emergency)
-Special Outlets (x-ray, data, phone) Special systems (Fire Alarm, Paging, Nurse Call, Intercom)
-Laminar Flow Diffusers for Critical Areas

Fire Alarm System
-New System Expanded and Existing Addressable Fire Alarm System
-M/E Construction Cost: $800,000

Bio-Med Department

-Finish 6,500 Square feet  Shell space
-M/E Construction Cost: $500,000

Cafeteria and Kitchen
-New Plumbing Fixtures
-Separate Grease Waste Systems
-Special Exhaust Systems
-Normal and Emergency Power
-Special Lighting
-Fire Alarm System
-M/E Construction Costs: $750,000

Kidney Dialysis Center
-Finish of 11,000 Square Feet
-M/E Construction Costs:  $600,000

 East Tower In-Patient Addition
-110,000 Square Feet of new space
-Patient Rooms, Isolation Rooms, and Support Spaces

 Maintenance Shop
-Remodel Existing Space to Add Paint Spray Booth, Painting Room, Work Area and Storage

Energy Center Upgrade
-New 1,000 Ton Centrifugal Chiller,  Piping Controls, Associated Pumps, Cooling Tower Cell

College Park Family Care Center
Overland Park, KS

-New Plumbing and Medical Gas System

-Investigation/evaluation of all existing equipment and systems in the 30,000 SF building to determine feasibility of their reuse and running energy analysis between proposed systems.

-Renovation included converting existing call center building with data center having a raised floor configuration to a medical office building.

-Design includes new 30,000 cfm, 120 ton VAV AHU system with parallel fan-powered VAV boxes, power, lighting, fire alarm system, etc. into existing systems

-4,500 SF tenant build-out for a MRI and CT space for an imaging center with support areas.

Truman Medical Center
 Kansas City, MO

Emergency Department Remodel

-Remodel for New Registration Area and Building Addition to Accommodate Waiting Area -New Plumbing and Med Gas System

-M/E Construction Costs:  $550,000

New Physicians Practice Group Clinic
-Renovation of Various Outpatient and Office Areas

-M/E Construction Costs: $350,000

Isolation Rooms Ventilation

 Investigation of Existing Mechanical System Serving 14 Isolation Rooms Ø  Preparation of Report with Developed Solutions to Maintain Adequate Negative Pressurization

Sprinkler System Design
-Existing 300,000 SF Facility

-New 105,000 SF Long-term Care Building

 Isolation Rooms Ventilation 

-Investigation of Existing Electrical Closets in the Hospital Building to Maintain 75 F in the Closet Spaces

Optical Shop Remodel
-Remodel of Existing Areas to Include New Laboratory, Optical Shop, Check-In and Exam Rooms

MRI Addition/CT Addition

-Complete Remodel of 2,200 SF Existing Space

-M/E Construction Costs: $250,000

Geriatric-Psychiatric Unit Remodel

-8,800 SF Rehabilitation Repair and Code Update

-M/E Construction Costs: $270,000

Master Planning

-620,000 Gross SF

-HVAC design of new laboratory fume hood systems

Shawnee Mission Medical Center Medical Office Building
Merriam, KS

-Medical Gas Systems

-New 3 Story, 85,000 SQ building/parking lot

-Elevator banks, meeting rooms, Cafeteria/Dining area, public restrooms, reception area

-6,000 SQ linear accelerator with support areas

Midwest Research Institute
Kansas City, MO

-Investigation and recommendations of the high-pressure steam, pump condensate, and steam boiler combustion air systems

-Design of the recommendations to cross tie between Spencer and Kimball wings